E&F Screenwriting Workshops

Presentation of the main narrative construction tools; Space for discussion of ideas and projects.

Reading suggestions and method:

  • Aristotle “Poetics”;
  • Lavandier, Yves “Writing Drama” (English/French/Spanish);
  • Bergson Henry, “Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic”;
  • Carrière, Jean-Claude “The Secret Language of Film”;
  • Ferro Marc “Cinema and History”;
  • Tirard Laurent “Moviemakers’ Master Class: Private Lessons from the World’s Foremost Directors”;
  • Mamet, David “Three Uses of the Knife”;
  • Scott, Kevin Conroy “Screenwriters’ Masterclass: Screenwriters Talk About Their Greatest Movies”;

A filmography proposal:

  • Since Otar Left, by Julie Bertucelli;
  • Rear Window, by Alfred Hitchcock;
  • Rosemary’s Baby, by Roman Polanski
  • The Queen, by Stephen Frears;
  • Cleo from 5 to 7, by Agnès Varda
  • Blue Velvet, by David Lynch
  • En Soap, by Pernille Fischer Christensen;
  • Alice’s House, by Chico Teixeira;
  • Blow Up, by M. Antonioni;
  • Me and you and everyone we know, by Miranda July;
  • The apartment, By Billy Wilder;
  • Dogville, by Lars Von Trier;
  • Birth, by Jonathan Glazer
  • To be or not to be, by Ernest Lubitsch;
  • Dead again, by Kenneth Branagh;
  • The edge of heaven, by Fatih Akin;
  • Alphadog, by Nick Cassavetes;
  • Close to home, by Vidi Bilu and Dalia Hager;


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