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When an illegal abortion clinic in a small town in Brazil is busted, the medical records of 10,000 women are exposed forcing its doctor and owner to fight against the powerful to save her patients’ privacy and her own life.

Based on true events.


#DESTINADASontheroad women in the Paraguayan War

noMuseuInvestigative documentary about the bloodiest chapter in the history of the South American continent that took place exactly 150 years ago, and the female characters who lived it and disappeared under the dead bodies of soldiers and the indifference of history.

An account of battles, strategies, death, victories and conspiracies during the 5-year campaign of the Triple Alliance (1865-1870) in the nineteenth century, becomes the setting to “portray” women with exceptional personalities and biographies who, voluntarily or involuntarily, participated intensely in the war, paying an unjust price and enduring its dramatic consequences. However, they did not go down in history.




A gothic thriller, telling the story of Antonio Silvestre, the most important man in the 20th century  of Brazil, considered dead, but surviving clandestinely to distill remorse and conspire for redemption.


In his senile megalomania, he believes himself responsable for what Brazil has become, in the decades in which his media empire bloomed.


Meanwhile, in Brasilia, the President of the Senate receives a painting from an anonymous donor. At first, no one relates the Gerard David’s canvas (Le Jugement de Cambyse) to a series of grotesque murders of senators that will change the course of the election year


Inspired by The Judgment of Cambyses, a Flemish diptych by Gerard David.

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THE INVASION OF THE PLASTIC BAGS (and all the materials we are made from)


What happens when 100% cotton meets neoprene? It could be the culture clash of the season, but “The Invasion of the Plastic Bags” turns out to be quite a romantic and sexy comedy where “girl meets boy”, unless girl happens to be 100% natural cotton and boy is H.D.P.E. 2.
The result is an “elastic” contemporary chronic, full of art and love, in a fairy tale Sci-fi landscape, where plastic bags are everywhere, invading the planet and threatening mankind.
The Invasion of the Plastic Bags is a romantic comedy ripe with sensuality and flights of fancy; a post-modern fairytale set in New York. In this story, plastic is both a real-life and a metaphorical menace: the environmental threat is juxtaposed with the emotional dangers of an increasingly synthetic society. Blending tidbits of language, culture, lifestyles and all the ISMs (postmodernISM, capitalISM, BuddhISM, sadomasochISM, etc) micro-fiber, and cotton, our tale weaves through a surreal city filled with secret spaces: an intimate story about looking for love and confronting reality; all the “materials” we are made from.




OURs LADYs of COPACABANA (a French-Brazilian co-production)



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