Writing Drama

The book La Dramaturgie became, since its first edition’s release in 1994, in France, an unavoidable reference to those who want to write screenplays, as well as those who, in the universe of communication and of human sciences, wish to understand the mechanism of narrative construction.

“Except returning to Aristotle’s Poetics, there is only one equivalent to the Anglo-Saxon literature, regarding the learning of scriptwriting: La Dramaturgie, by Yves Lavandier.” – Jacques Audiard


“Yves Lavandier’s ‘Writing Drama’ is different. Because while most screenwriting books are very dogmatic and indicate that you should do it as the author would do it, Yves Lavandier puts every option that he knows of on the table. But in the end, he leaves it to you, the writer, to pick and choose your story elements.” – William Rabeneck

More than this, Yves Lavandier’s work – already in its 4th revised edition, translated to English, Spanish and Italian – examines, from a wide repertoire of classic and contemporary examples common to everyone, each component piece of this bridge that connects AUTHOR and SPECTATOR. Without ever falling into the temptation of the Hollywood manual; neither of the theoretical essay. A pleasant and dynamic reading, which cites Opera, TV, Theatre, Cinema and Comics, bringing refection upon the narrative construction that is anchored in the cause and effect relation, accessible to everyone.

In Brazil, the lack of literature makes the learning and screenwriting exercise difficult. Sold out and hardly unanimous titles, aside from being very aimed at “recipe for success” formulas. This is the starting point of the project to release La Dramaturgie in Portuguese, at a moment in which film schools multiply in all Brazilian regions and in which its study becomes compared to an M.B.A. (cf. NYTimes 6/3/2005).

Born in April 2nd 1959, Yves Lavandier was Milos Forman’s and Frantisek Daniel’s student, graduating from Columbia University. Drama author and script doctor, Lavandier wrote and directed several short films and the feature “Oui, Mais…”, released in France in 2001.

Juliana Reis translates and adapts the Portuguese edition of Writing Drama.

Here are some snippets of the translation (in Portuguese only):

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